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Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to Lakeview Academy – a dynamic, nurturing learning community for pre-K - 12th grade students. On your path to discover whether Lakeview is the place for you or your child, let me share with you what I believe about our school.

Things you will find at Lakeview are...
  • A strong sense of community and spirit that sets us apart from other schools in Northeast Georgia.
  • An unmatched college preparatory education that promotes lifelong learning
  • Encouragement for students to take educational risks and understand that failure is a critical step along the path to growth and success.
  • Unparalleled academics, athletics, and fine arts programs.
  • A culture that challenges children to reach further than they thought possible.
Lakeview Academy celebrates the uniqueness of every member of our community and offers individualized and differentiated learning for all students through small class sizes. We also provide opportunities for young people to do things they have never done before. But don't take my word for it! Please visit. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful campus.

Kirsty Montgomery, Ph.D.
Head of School

Head of School Blog

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  • The Last Day of School

    We made it! Today is the last day of school. Mark this date - Tuesday, May 24, 2021. We made it, we made it. Friday, July 24, 1987 was my last day of high school - ever. It went something like this: “Only thirty minutes to go!”  whispered Neil Bailey. The message spread like wildfire, reaching all four corners of the classroom with lightening speed. I brightened on hearing the delicious news, life had started to look rosy again.

    Approximately ten minutes later, a similar message was also successfully passed and mission accomplished. “Only twenty minutes and fifty-five seconds to go!” Things had become desperate, pupils resorted to seconds, tenths of seconds, milliseconds and nanoseconds. Four minutes. Final exams dispatched and explained. Two minutes. Borrowed goods returned to their rightful owners. Fifty seconds. Coats removed from pegs. Forty-one seconds. Coats put back on pegs, too premature. Twenty seconds Coats re-removed from pegs. Fifteen seconds. Students wander unobtrusively towards the exit, all eyes fixed on the ‘sortie.’ Nought seconds, nil, zero, time-up, finito. The fat lady had sung. The bell rang signifying the end of it all, the end of school forever. We're all going on a...Summer Holiday.
    Some things never change, even over time and space - that feeling of excitement, counting the days, hours and minutes until the summer break starts. But this year...
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List of 1 news stories.

  • May Day

    The sun shone brightly on Lakeview last Friday, as the community gathered at 11am to celebrate a beloved school tradition, May Day. By noon it was over. Make no mistake, May Day was not a regular 60-minute school performance. Imagine May Day COVID-19 style, held outdoors for the first time at Lakeview's athletic stadium, with special guests and parents of performers seated in chairs along the running track, and lower school students in the bleachers. In its debut performance, Lakeview's band, Lakeview Fanfare, Fife & Drum, introduced the program with a brilliant fanfare, followed by the traditional 5th grade maypole dance. Dancers spaced out on the green grass around two poles and navigated colorful ribbons at high speed. Next, former Lower School Director Beth Grindle presented much-deserved teaching awards to Kimberly Nottingham (LS), Lacy Crumley (MS), and Cece Conrath (US) to rapturous applause, followed by the seniors processing across a beautifully decorated stage as part of the May Court. Jackie Allen, Lakeview's 2018 May Queen, crowned senior Mary Michael Callaghan 2021 May Queen, and incredible music performances by the Lakeview Chamber Orchestra, Lakeview Fanfare, Fife & Drum, and Upper School Chorale complimented the final item in the program: recognizing the service and retirement of two of Lakeview's most beloved employees, Lower School Director Brent Drury and Maintenance staff member Anthony Smith. 
    It didn't matter that May Day was not in May at all, but in fact April, and that we were in the middle of...
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  • Teachers, We Appreciate You!

    This week — Monday April 19 to Friday April 23 — is Teacher Appreciation Week 2021. We all appreciate our Lakeview teachers, but my goodness, if ever there is a year that we really, really, really appreciate them, it is this one. Our appreciation goes beyond thanking them for fulfilling the bog-standard verbiage “other duties as assigned.” This year, the job description reads more along the lines of “Motivate, nurture, challenge students, and use your superpowers during a global pandemic to educate children remotely and in-person at the same time, in a classroom which won't really resemble your classroom because the school administration moved half the contents out for health and safety reasons, and by the way, the children (and you) will be masked all day.” Or how about, “Inspire, guide, and instill a love of learning and a sense of confidence in your students during a time when most American school-age children are at home and many of the things they enjoy have been postponed, modified or canceled.” Finally, try this one: “Develop, organize, and schedule all events, arrange for transportation, and attend all home and away events and competitions during a global pandemic when hotels are closed, transportation is severely restricted, tournaments are messed up, you can't eat indoors with the students, and no one is sure from one day to the next whether the team you are scheduled to play will show up. Did we mention that we are not sure if supporters are allowed either?” Our teachers have ticked every box, and their commitment, integrity, and positivity has allowed Lakeview's students to shine

    This month alone, Lakeview students have demonstrated their extraordinary talents, shining in so many ways and in so many disciplines (see below). Even as I write, more...
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796 Lakeview Drive  Gainesville, GA  30501 • (770) 532-4383
Lakeview Academy is a private, coeducational day school for students in grades K3 through 12, located in Gainesville, GA. 

Lakeview Academy is committed to excellence in the personal growth and academic development of the college-bound student through a partnership of school, family, and community.