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Health and Safety

Remote Learning Plan


Lakeview Academy’s remote learning program (known as Remote School) was developed in 2010 as a response to the H1N1 flu and is a natural extension to the school’s successful technology program. Educational technology is currently integrated into the curriculum in all divisions and is considered an essential part of the daily academic life at Lakeview. This program has enabled the school to pivot seamlessly from normal classroom instruction to remote school during the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the school’s learning environment is temporarily changed, Lakeview’s mission to provide a quality education for our students is not. Through technology, Lakeview’s teachers instruct their students and deliver lessons that continue to engage and prepare them for their next level of school and beyond.

Remote Learning Structure and Platforms

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    Lower School

    Lakeview Academy’s Lower School developed a remote school plan to meet the needs of our young students and their families during this unprecedented time. Lakeview is committed to supporting families as they help their children continue their schooling at home. The school is encouraging the use of various resources, enabling teachers to continue instruction and the academic progress of each student.
    Lakeview's “Lion Portal” (Blackbaud) learning management system is the foundation of our remote school plan. This system provides the Lower School with online classrooms where teachers can connect and deliver content to parents and students (3rd through 5th grades have their own logins). Through these virtual classrooms, teachers are able to update their lesson plans, schedules, and provide their classes with learning materials, such as teaching videos, links, and assignments.
    Another key remote learning resource is the Microsoft Office 365 suite for education, which includes the Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote applications. Students can easily access these software applications by logging in to their Lion Portals.
    The Lower School teachers are using an array of other educational apps to enhance their online classrooms and support collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. Many teachers are also using the video communication app, Zoom, to conduct “live classes with their students. These “live” classes allow the teachers and students to connect, while providing a platform for instruction and participation. Students can also access pre-recorded teaching videos, made available by teachers on the Lion Portal. Additionally, enrichment teachers host weekly “live” sessions with each grade level to enhance continued growth and learning.
    Lakeview’s teachers are currently hosting regular “office hours” to provide additional support and answer parent or student questions and are available during the regular school day to work one-on-one or in small groups with students who made need extra help.
    Finally, Lakeview’s Learning Support and enrichment staff is meeting with students both individually and in small groups to enhance the academic curriculum, helping students by providing support and additional enrichment activities.

    In addition, our Learning Support and enrichment staff is maintaining communication with students and families to both provide additional enrichment activities as well as support students in need. Our Learning Support is supporting students both individually and in small groups to support the academic curriculum, and our enrichment teachers hold live, weekly Zoom sessions with each grade level to discuss additional opportunities for continued growth and learning.
    Middle School

    Lakeview Academy’s Middle School implemented a remote school program uniquely designed for Middle School students. With the recent transition from classrooms to online instruction, the school developed a modified schedule planned to deliver quality online instruction while balancing the students’ screen time. This synchronous schedule and its consistent format also help families support their children as they take part in school-at-home. The students attend their classes each day with their teachers’ “live” instruction through Microsoft Teams. These “live” sessions allow students to participate in class, interact with other classmates, ask questions, and check for understanding. The students also have access to their Blackbaud “Lion Portal” online classrooms, where teachers upload topics, links, and tutorials, as well as assign homework, give quizzes, and give feedback to their students. In addition to these applications, the Middle School uses the Microsoft Office 365 suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote) and an array of educational apps to enhance their online classrooms and support collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. These apps include, but are not limited to: Glogster (interactive online posters), FlipGrid (video discussions), GooseChase (online scavenger hunts), OverDrive (ebooks and audio ebooks), Kahoot! (learning games and trivia quizzes), and online textbook resources.

  • Upper School

    Lakeview Academy’s Upper School remote school program is a comfortable step for Upper School faculty and students who are accustomed to the one-to-one laptop program and integration of technology within their classrooms. Students join their classes “live” through Microsoft Teams, enabling teachers and students to connect and take part together in their virtual classrooms. The students also have access to their Blackbaud “Lion Portal” online classrooms. Teachers use their virtual spaces to post content, assign homework, give assessments, and provide feedback to their students. In addition to these applications, the Upper School uses the Microsoft Office 365 suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote) with an array of apps to enhance their online classrooms and support collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. These apps include, but are not limited to, Glogster (interactive online posters), FlipGrid (video discussions), GooseChase (online scavenger hunts), VoiceThread (collaborative space for media discussion), Kahoot! (learning games and trivia quizzes), Web Assign (STEM problem-solving), and online textbook resources.

  • College Counseling

    College Counseling

    Our college counselor will:

    • Continue to provide all regular college counseling services to the student body
    • Evaluate timeline for graduation requirements, class credit, and AP testing deadlines
    • Host Office Hours at set times for students to call in and access support virtually. Encourage students, parents, and guardians to schedule these meetings by appointment as needed.

    Helpful Resources:

    Have Questions? Contact Kelsey Marcero, college counselor
    Digital Resources & Subscriptions

    Lakeview Academy has a large number of digital subscriptions and resources for our students of all ages. Some subscriptions require a password which are available on the Resource Board in the Lion Portal. NOTE: Please do not share redemption codes or passwords on social media or with outside organizations. Some of these codes are for Lakeview Academy's use only and will be voided if used by those not affiliated with the school.

  • Learning Support

    Learning Support

    Our eight (8) Learning Support teachers will:
    • Collaborate with academic teachers to support student needs preparing/understanding assignments, reviewing for assessments, and other management concerns while working remotely.
    • Accountability for student achievement through learning support attendance; Minor and major grades checked for student success.
    • Individual and small group remote instruction provided to support student success.
    • Communicate with parents for clarification and assistance for student success.

  • Questions regarding homework, class or grade

    Please contact your child's teacher for questions regarding homework, class, or grades.
    Social & Emotional Support

    School Counselor

    Lakeview Academy’s preK-12th grade school counselor will:
    • Be available via zoom or telephone to students and/or families experiencing difficulties or crisis.
    • Maintain a list of social-emotional lessons that are available upon request or listed under the elective classes tab on the Lakeview Academy Lion portal.
    • Have virtual office hours at set times for students and families to access counseling by phone or Zoom. Parents and students will be made aware of how to connect with the counselor through the Lakeview Academy website and tab on the Lion portal.
    • Send weekly check-in sheets to students in grades 6-12th and to the parents of students in grades pre-K through 5th. Follow up with emails any student or parent that requests contact.
    • Support faculty with well-being information via email or posted on the Lakeview Academy website, and conversations and collaboration as needed.
    • Be available to conduct a monthly seminar on important social emotional issues in our current society or on a topic requested by school administration, parents, or students.

  • Technology Platforms & Support

    The technology program at Lakeview is built upon a foundation of hardware, software, training, and support. The program begins with our one-to-one laptop program for students in grades 3 – 12, iPads for Early Learning classrooms, access to technology labs for all students, and laptops for all faculty.

    The technology program at Lakeview continues with the implementation of innovative educational software in all school divisions. The Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications (Teams, OneNote, Word, PowerPoint Excel, etc.) supports communication, creativity, and critical thinking. During remote school, teachers can utilize Microsoft Teams to hold “live” classes with their students. The students can then connect and collaborate in their class hubs, while teachers use the tools in Teams to instruct students and deliver content in a way that mirrors as “normal” classes as possible. Blackbaud, another educational program, hosts our “Lion Portal” learning management system, which provides online spaces for bulletins, assignments, gradebooks, and instruction to each classroom.

    Finally, Lakeview’s technology program provides continuing education on the use of technology resources for faculty. The program is supported by a team of IT professionals who assist with troubleshooting hardware, software, and/or application issues. During remote school, the support team can easily be contacted through the Lion Portal to ensure that any questions concerning distance learning, connections, etc. are answered.

    Lakeview's technology team is available for faculty, students, and parents who need tech support.

    Tech Help Hours: 7:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

    For any student or teacher technology issues which arise during remote school, contact remoteschool@lakeviewacademy.org.

    Parents and others should contact communication@lakeviewacademy.org for assistance with the Lion Portal.

  • Other issues related to remote school

    Your Division Director:

See Remote Learning in Action

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"Lakeview remote school had been a blessing. I am really glad my child was able to meet daily with his classmates and teachers. Seeing how eager he was to log on allowed me to see what a huge part Lakeview has [become] in his life. Thanks for making this a smooth transition."
-Parent of a 2nd grade student
"I am thankful for the schedule that requires students to be online during class. It keeps students on a structure and engaged in learning."
-Parent of a 7th grade student
"I have been very impressed with the quality of education that Lakeview has been able to maintain through very challenging circumstances. While it was not anticipated when we enrolled, it has been a welcome benefit of a private education."
-Parent of a 9th grade student

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