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Fine Arts


Because of Lakeview’s commitment to academic and personal growth of our students music is a priority in our program. Studies show that music education yields students with improved skills in other academic areas. Our music program teaches cultural history and appreciation while students learn vocal and instrumental music in a studio setting. Through all divisions, the music program develops our students’ abilities as well as their appreciation of music and gives them performance opportunities. Each year, music students of all divisions participate in various school-wide performances including Grandparents Day, Candlelight, and May Day.

Lakeview Band

This ensemble plays both traditional wind band repertoire and arrangements of music representing important historical periods from the Renaissance to the present. Students learn the inner workings of music while they develop and refine ensemble and performance skills. Lakeview Band is a cross-divisional group that meets during zero period (7:30-8:20am) twice per week. All band students are required to first sign up for private lessons on their instrument of choice. A beginning band will open in Fall 2022 for new members.

Lakeview Samba School

This unique program is the only one of its kind in Northeast Georgia. The core of a Brazilian Samba School is a large drumming group, called the Bateria, which plays engaging Afro-Brazilian musical genres. It creates energy and excitement akin to a marching band drum line which is effective for sporting and spirit events as well as parades. Lakeview Samba involves students from lower, middle, and upper schools (inside and outside of fine arts programs), parents, faculty, and staff, making it a unique community building activity. Participation in Lakeview Samba offers an accessible, hands-on introduction to world music for students at Lakeview Academy.

Lakeview Strings

The Lakeview Orchestra 
The orchestra program at Lakeview Academy offers instruction in violin, viola, cello and contra bass with a focus on the skills necessary for long-term success and enjoyment. The orchestra program is a brain-friendly environment fostering solitude, creativity, and mastery. Instruction concentrates on technical and expressive skills in an ensemble-focused setting, encompassing a broad range of musical styles. Students’ enjoyment of music becomes strengthened while attaining musical achievement. All orchestra members are encouraged to enroll in private lessons on their instrument. The Lakeview Orchestra will perform several times throughout the year and meets twice a week during the school day.

Mozart String Club 
Lower School students can play in the Mozart String Club. This club serves as an introduction to Lakeview’s orchestra program and meets after school weekly. Instruction is offered in violin and cello with an emphasis on fundamental skills, including proper posture and playing position, development and production of appropriate tone quality, technique, aural skills, and music literacy. The Mozart String Club provides an opportunity for entry-level placement, and instruments may be rented for a nominal fee through a local vendor.

Private Music Lessons

Private lessons in piano,* guitar,* strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion can be scheduled at Lakeview on a first come, first served basis. Scheduling is done through the cooperative efforts of parents, classroom teachers, and Fine Arts Coordinators.
*Piano and guitar currently have a waiting list
Instruments offered:
Strings (violin and cello)
Woodwinds (flute and clarinet)
Brass (trumpet, trombone, and euphonium)
Percussion (concert percussion and drum set)
Contact for scheduling:
For general Information on Lakeview Academy’s Music Program Contact Joe Harris, Fine Arts Director, via email at joe.harris@lakeviewacademy.org or call 770-531-2645.

Meet The Music Staff

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  • Chris Hasselbring

    Winds, Brass, & Percussions Coordinator
    Trumpet teacher
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  • Hyeseon Suen

    Strings Coordinator
    Strings teacher
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  • Justin Baker

    Percussion Teacher
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  • Kasey Higginbotham

    Low brass (trombone, euphonium, and tuba) teacher
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  • Donna Kirkindoll

    Piano teacher
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  • David Lawson

    Woodwinds teacher
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