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Catherine Henderson

What grade did you enter Lakeview? K4

Honors or awards received while at Lakeview:
Beta Club, AP Scholar, Head of School and Headmasters List

Offices, clubs, honor societies in which you were a member in the Upper School:
National Art Honor Society, TRI-M, chorale

Sports played at Lakeview in high school:
Varsity swim 4 years,
Varsity cross country 4 years,
Varsity skeet shooting 2 years,
JV soccer 2 years

Other programs in which you participated:
Footloose this semester

Describe a meaningful experience you had while at Lakeview.
Senior trip week was my favorite trip week by far, because though I got hurt, my friends and I still had a lot of fun and made it unforgettable! My best friend, Anna, wheeled me around in a wheelchair the entire night when we went to Carowinds; she was happy to be there with me and I can’t thank her enough. I made a lot of fun memories I can only laugh at now and am happy for the experience.

What is your biggest academic accomplishment and why?
I have never scored below a three on any AP exam. I try my best to study for these exams and I am glad that I now have college credit for these!

Teacher, coach or staff member at Lakeview who has made the biggest impact on you:
Coach Lawley because he is a great teacher, he went out of his way to help me with my APUSH exam and he has helped me in so many difficult times.

College you will attend in the fall: Auburn University

College degree or area of study: major in botany

Other than college, do you have any other plans after high school?
I would like to travel and expand my horizons.

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  • David Henderson
    I couldn't be any prouder of you. You have such a bright future. I guess my leading by bad example has paid off. I love you very much. Dad
  • Martina Henderson
    We are so proud of you Cat! This certainly is not how we planned for the last few months of your senior year to go. However, you have handled it like a pro! We love you!!
  • Kristi Baer
    Sweet Cat---I've been so lucky to have been a part of your Lakeview journey starting in 2nd grade all the way through 5th grade science. Your kindness, intelligence and determination will carry you wherever you want to go in life. Love, Mrs. Baer
  • Roula Abboud
    Congratulations dear Catherine. When I think of you I always remember your sweet beautiful smile. Enjoy your summer and have a wonderful college year!
  • Gretchen Plummer
    Hey Catherine! I have loved having you as a part of Chorale this year - I so wish you had started earlier! We will miss you so much! Best of luck at Auburn!
  • Megan White
    Catherine, I cannot believe you're graduating already! Having you in my third grade class doesn't seem like that long ago! I wish you the very best in everything you do! You are such a sweet, bright girl! I know you have nothing but success @ Auburn!! :) -Mrs. White
  • wyoma newman
    Catherine- Congratulations on your graduation from Lakeview and wishes for great success at Auburn. You are a great thinker and writer, and I'm sure your future is very bright. I have enjoyed being a small part of your Lakeview educational experience.
  • Lisa Wilkins
    Sweet Catherine! So excited for you on your new journey! I have loved watching you grow at Lakeview! Congratulations and good luck in the future! Love, Mrs. Wilkins
  • Amy Park
    Congratulations on graduation! We are all so proud of you! The Park family
  • Jenna Blackwell
    Catherine, Congratulations! I have enjoyed watching you grow into a wonderful young lady. Honored to have been a part of your Lakeview school career. I wish you much success in the future! Much love from Mrs. Blackwell and all the Blackwell boys!
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