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Max Pethel

Grade entered Lakeview: K4

Honors or awards received while at Lakeview:
  • Headmaster’s list every semester
  • Golden Lion award all four years of high school
Offices, clubs, honor societies in which you were a member in the Upper School:
  • Student Council: Freshman representative, Sophomore Class President, Senior Class Vice-President
  • Computer Science Honors Society
  • Spanish Honors Society
Sports played at Lakeview in high school:
  • Varsity Sporting Clays: 5 years, State Competition 5 years
  • Varsity Soccer: 4 years
  • Varsity Cross Country: 3 years
Fine arts programs participated in and recognition received while in Upper School
  • 2nd Best in Show and 1st Place 11th grade at Kiwanis Art Competition
Other programs in which you participated:
  • Robotics: 3 years (10-12), Driving Coach
  • Lockheed Martin Code Quest: 2 years (10-11), 4th Place in Novice
  • Math Team: 3 years (10-12)
How has Lakeview prepared you for your future?
Lakeview has prepared me for my future through the excellent teachers. The rigorous schedule I took helped me learn time management, a better sense of work ethic, and a true understanding of my capabilities as a student, friend, and team member.

What is your biggest academic accomplishment and why?
My biggest academic accomplishment is my coding career. Through computer science courses and robotics, Mr. Lovell has led me to find my passion in computer science. He introduced me to Python and Java, my two primary coding languages. I even participated in a paid internship in data analysis over the summer of 2019 after Mr. Lovell invited Randy Caplan to talk to my AP CS Principles class in January. This gave me a sense of the professional world and the intensity of a career in the Tech industry. I am continuing with my studies and achievements in CS as I build my first Android app called Break.

Teacher, coach or staff member at Lakeview who has made the biggest impact to you:
Coach Chittaro has made the biggest impact on my career as an athlete, but he also changed my career as a student. During soccer and cross country, he is always supportive and encouraging. He teaches responsibility, integrity, and determination through adversity in both sports. On days when school was overwhelming, I knew I could find solace on the field or trails. Coach Chittaro impacted me as a student because I learned the value of work. This was mostly from cross country because it is a more extreme sport. Under his coaching, I learned that every minute of work will result in improvement. One more hill will help me reach that new personal best at my next race.

What will you miss most at Lakeview Academy?
I will miss the network of friends that I have accumulated over 14 years at Lakeview. My teachers, classmates, and especially my teammates made my time at Lakeview incredible. The sense of community is so strong that I know I am welcome back any time if I want to join the cross country, soccer, or robotics teams for a practice.

Did you participate in anything outside of Lakeview?
I am an Eagle Scout from Troop #3. I started Cub Scouts at Lakeview, and my parents encouraged me to continue until I reached Eagle. Scouting made a difference in my life through experience. I learned so many different skills during the journey of becoming an Eagle Scout. A few examples, aside from the normal knot-tying and camping, are dependability as a leader, environmentally healthy habits, and awareness of my responsibility in my community. I also met many people outside of my daily community who have become good friends and teachers.

College you will attend in the fall: The Georgia Institute of Technology

College degree or area of study: Computer Science

Other than college, do you have any other plans after high school?
After high school, I want to travel more, work as a counselor at Camp Winshape in Rome, Georgia, and learn more about machinery such as 3D-printers, CNC machines, and welding.

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  • Kristi Baer
    Congratulations, Maxwell! I've loved being a small part of your Lakeview years...from 2nd grade through 5th grade science. Wishing you only the best as the next part of your adventure begins. Love, Mrs. Baer
  • Anna Pethel
    Max: Watching you grow from our silly baby brother to the smart, capable, dependable, and determined guy you are now has been incredible. You teach me new things on the daily, whether it's how an app is built, how to care for a sheep, or how to breathe correctly when I *attempt* to go on a run. You are so fortunate to be well-traveled and the maturity you've gained through those experiences is priceless. Although each of your siblings has gone down a now well-worn path to Georgia Tech, you're doing it in an unprecedented way. Not only have you lived like an only child for the past two years when we all grew up as a pack of 4, but now you are showing us what true contentment and thankfulness are as you continue to thrive throughout this sad and disappointing time missing out on your senior year. The adversity you are overcoming will build strong character that will take you so far. Your future is so bright and we are all so proud of you! Time and space will never change the fact that you're a Lakeview graduate and you really squeezed the most out of your time in high school. We're all so proud of the legacy you're leaving at Lakeview because you truly hit it out of the park. You're going to do amazing things at Tech and just remember - the best is yet to come! Dream BIG! Love you!
  • Sara Pethel
    Congratulations, Max! We are so proud of you! I can’t wait to see all that you accomplish at Tech. Go Jackets!
  • Rene Iglesias
    ¡Felicidades, Max por todos tus logros. Gracias por darme la oportunidad de trabajar contigo durante estos años. Eres un excelente estudiante y te deseo mucha suerte en tus estudios universitarios. No olvide no Español y sigue practicando.
  • Megan White
    Congratulations, Max! You have accomplished SO much at Lakeview! I am proud that I was able to be part of your journey at Lakeview! I know you are going to do great things in college and beyond!! I sure will miss seeing you on campus! -Mrs. White
  • Lisa Wilkins
    So proud of you Max! Congratulations on all your accomplishments! Good luck at Tech in the years to come! Go Jackets! - Mrs. Wilkins
  • Brent Drury
    Max, Congratulations! I truly enjoyed all of our adventures over your school years! I wish you the very best in the future! Coach Drury
  • Angie Cooper
    Max, We have enjoyed watching you race and shoot through the years. We wish you the best of luck at GA Tech. With your talents and intelligence, you will shine! The Coopers
  • Darlene Snyder
    Congratulations, Max! I know you will do great things at Tech. Go Jackets!! Mrs. Snyder
  • Jenna Blackwell
    Congratulations Max! It will be sad with no more Pethels at Lakeview! Glad I got to witness your success. Best wishes! -Mrs. Blackwell
  • Shelly Turner
    Wishing you the very best! Good luck at GT!
  • Tim Pethel
    well done Max, well done...dad
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