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Event Detail

Great North American Solar Eclipse Viewing

Athletic Venues - Football/Soccer Athletic Facility - Athletics
Division Directors
Students may view this rare astronomical event as one Lakeview community. Additional details will be forthcoming from your child’s division director.
Please note that we will cancel this event if it rains or is too cloudy for appropriate viewing.
Lakeview Academy has ordered 500 pairs of approved safety glasses for students who will be on campus for this event.
Teachers will be working with students to explain the eclipse. The eclipse occurs during lower school carpool. Click here to register by Wednesday, March 27 for your child to participate in the viewing. Viewing glasses will be available for those students who remain on campus and have registered. Parents of children in PreK 3, PreK 4, and Kindergarten must be in attendance for their child to attend due to safety concerns. Dismissal will occur at 3:15 pm for students in grades one to five. Buses will run on schedule. 

The Middle School will have 35-minute classes (A-H) so that all students can finish their academic day at 2:05.  After classes conclude, students will have the option to check out (with parent email permission to middleschooloffice@lakeviewacademy.org) or remain on campus and take part in a short scientific lesson about the solar eclipse. Middle School students will be given proper eyewear to participate in this celestial occurrence. Students who remain on campus for the eclipse will be dismissed at 3:25 as normal. 

On this day, students will have 35-minute A-H period classes. The academic day will conclude at 2:00. Students may check out (with parent email permission) or meet in the Bagwell to participate in a short scientific lesson about the solar eclipse.  Upper School students will then be given proper eyewear, go outside, and take part in this celestial occurrence.  Students who remain on campus for the eclipse will be dismissed at 3:25 as normal.
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