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Holden Cooper

What grade did you enter Lakeview? 8th

Honors or awards while at Lakeview:
I Have received Head of schools several times as well as Directors list. I also received the Golden Lion award my sophomore year for having all A’s all year while playing 3 sports that year.

Offices, clubs, honor societies in which you were a member in the Upper School:
I am involved in student council, FCA, and Featherbone.

Sports and athletic recognition while at Lakeview:
I played JV basketball freshmen year and varsity for three years. I was a team captain my senior year and I was an honorable mention for all region and we won the region championship my junior year.

I played varsity baseball for three years and we won the region championship my junior year and were undefeated in our region as well. I was awarded 1st team all-region pitcher that year and was one of four team captains my senior season.

I played football my freshmen and sophomore year.

Describe a meaningful experience you had while at Lakeview.
Freshmen year trip week; that trip week I believe I made so many more friends in my grade. I used to be so shy and only talked to the people I was friends with, but that trip week I made so many more friends. After that trip week I loved Lakeview a lot more. That was a meaningful time at Lakeview for me. Senior Lotto is another one. When Senior Lotto happened, it showed me how fast time flies and how grateful I am for Lakeview and everything the school has done for me. I’m going to miss Lakeview.

How has Lakeview prepared you for your future?
Lakeview could not have done a better job preparing me for the future and I’m excited for what the future holds for me. It has taught me how to handle workloads, manage time very well, etc. It has also changed my mindset towards working hard to get something whether its awards and stuff like that. All of these have prepared me for the future.

What is your biggest academic accomplishment and why?
My biggest academic accomplishment was when I received the Golden Lion Award my sophomore year. That award means that you played three sports that year while maintaining all A’s both semesters. This award kind of showed me that I could do the work and could manage time with sports and school, but also while having fun doing it. Secondly, making the Head of School List. Everyone wants to get the Head of School List.

Teacher, coach or staff member at Lakeview who has made the biggest impact to you:
Coach Cottrell, he has influenced my life so much while being at Lakeview. Coach has always preached that your priorities while playing sports should always be:
  1. Your faith
  2. Your family
  3. Your schoolwork
  4. Basketball or the sport you play.
Coach has never tried to force basketball over any of those things and never will, because coach Cottrell is not only an amazing coach but an amazing person. I believe that coach Cottrell is by far the best coach in the state, if not the country. We became extremely close my senior year, we were close my sophomore and junior year, but senior year we became extremely close. I was in his office almost every day either talking just to catch up or talking game plans and lineups and such. Coach always said that he would be there for me and he is someone that I could come talk to if anything happens and I need to talk. I am still going to talk to him after high school for sure. Coach always preached to do the little things like tucking your shirt in, putting your phone up in class, flush the toilets when done using them, pickup after yourself at lunch or anywhere to give the janitors and lunch ladies a break, stuff like that. Coach is trying to teach us to discipline ourselves so that when we are older, we will discipline ourselves to go chase the job that we want and reach our dreams whatever they may be. Coach always said attitude and effort, He drilled this in our brains to make us remember that if you show attitude and effort in everything you do, you will be successful. Any kid in the country would be lucky to be coached my Coach Cottrell. This man has made a huge impact on my life and I will remember the things he taught me for my entire life. TRUST.

Coach Lawley is another one, Coach Lawley busts his butt for this school, his students, and players. Coach Lawley was an assistant coach for varsity and coached me freshmen year. Coach not only teaches history, but he has fun doing it. He always jokes with us and has fun. He’s taught me that you can have fun in anything you do and that when you set your mind on something don’t give up just because it may get hard.

I’m going to miss these two a lot.

What will you miss most at Lakeview Academy?
Honestly the trip weeks. Trip weeks are the most fun thing we do all year, in my opinion. Trip Week also lets you make friends with people in your grade that you kind of weren’t with before. Secondly, the sports and the fun times I’ve had with the teams, there are so many countless memories that I will never forget.

College you will attend in the fall: Georgia Southern University

College degree or area of study: Business

Other than college, do you have any other plans after high school?
After College I want to get a good job and work my way up to living the perfect American family. A wife, kids, pets, on the lake etc. I hope to one day start my own practice or open my own office. I want my kids to have it better than I did. I am very blessed and have had a wonderful life so far, but I am determined to achieve that goal of mine.

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  • Cathy Finch
    So fun to watch you grow from Primrose toddler to Lakeview senior and gentleman! You have meant so much to our family. You have been a rock for Sam for 18 years! Have enjoyed watching you compete alongside Sam on the basketball court and the baseball field. Best of luck at Southern!!
  • Jarrell Cooper
    Congratulations on completing the first big step in your life.Its been a real joy watching you grow up. When you were a little boy I always knew with your talents that you would excel and one day make a difference in everyone you come in contact with. I'm so proud of all your accomplishments in your life. I really appreciate your kind and sweet spirit.It was always fun to watch you play sports. I love you and pray for your life to be an example to everyone you meet. Papa
  • Brenda Cooper
    What a joy it has been having you for a grandson. From watching "The Wiggles" and picking you and Harrison up from Primrose to now graduating from high school. What a fun time we have enjoyed these eighteen years. Your such a beautiful soul inside and out. So handsome. Always respectful of me and Papa. All the sporting events and school activities we have enjoyed watching. I regret that we could not always be at every sporting event for you. You have excelled in so much.I know you will do well at college. Just live the life you have imagined and dreamed of but remember that life without God is NO life. Stay strong in what is right in God's eyes and believe in yourself. We love you so much. Bibbie and Papa
  • Deuce Roark
    You are a leader and a friend. What a great combo. Proud of you.
  • Michelle Child
    Holden, to the sweetest boy around Congratulations you did it!!! So proud of you and all of your accomplishments, you are going to great things at Southern!! Can't wait for parents weekend so we can have a Lakeview Reunion! #GATA #classof2024
  • Jay Cooper
    Hey bud. Say it isn't so. I can't believe you're 18 and headed off to college. You have been such a blessing and breathe of fresh air since you came into this world. Mama Cadie and I will greatly miss you and the joy you've brought us over the years but it's time for you to spread your wings and "SOAR". Keep your faith in Christ, work hard and good things will come to you. It's an honor to call you my son. We love you very much. Dad and Mama Cadie!
  • Cadie Cooper
    I'm so beyond proud of you and your accomplishments. You are an extremely bright and talented young man with a strong faith in Christ. I am so honored to be your step mom and love you very, very much!!! You have the brightest future in front of you and I love you so much! Mama Cadie
  • Gretchen Plummer
    Best of luck Holden! Congratulations on your graduation from Lakeview!
  • Ruth Mukono
    Congrats Holden! I remember the first time I met you and your family you were re in first grade. You were kind then and such a great kid/friend and teammate.. So glad to see you have grown to be a wonderful young man. All the best and God bless!!
  • Angie Cooper
    Congratulations Holden on all that you have already accomplished! We know you will Soar at Georgia Southern and look forward to celebrating the Class of 2020 soon! Stay true to yourself.The best is yet to come!
  • Laura Johnson
    Congratulations!! What Coach Cottrell taught you is what we always saw on the court....they way you played with heart and determination was a fantastic example for my lower school boys! Keep working hard for your dreams. - Mrs. Johnson
  • Pete Holden
    For our wonderful grandson Holden MacInnes Cooper. Holden, you were the first born of our 6 grandchildren. Over the years we have watched you grow and mature into the wonderful young man you are today. We watched you excel in athletics and academics. One particular trait we observed in you and are so proud of is how you have been a great and caring brother to your younger brothers and sister. This is a very admiral quality. Graduating from high school and preparing to go to college is major milestone in one’s life and from what we have seen and read, you are well prepared for the next major step in your life. I remember telling you as you entered Lakeview that this where you begin to establish lifelong patterns and friendships that you will carry for the rest of your life and that this experience will separate you from many others your age. It establishes and proves your integrity, discipline and the ability to be both an excellent student as well a standout athlete – all of which you need to succeed and grow in life. Holden, your Grandmother and I are so proud of you and how you have matured. We are confident that you will succeed again in the future. Always feel free to reach out for when you need anything now or in the future. All our love, Pete and Nana
  • Robin Baker
    You know you are my second child, separated from my first by just one week! It has been a pleasure getting to know you and spending time with you. You are a wonderful, smart and kind young man. I’m so happy that you and Andrew will be together at Georgia Southern. Can’t wait to see what both of y’all decide to do in this life. We will be here for you every step of the way! Congratulations!
  • Patricia Mozley
    You came in to this world soon after your great grandfather went to heaven. You brought us such joy and a positive outlook for the future. Here you are ready to go out in the world and make your mark. You have all the right tools. You are loved and supported and will take the world by storm. I love you and am so proud of you. Congratulations.
  • Charles Finch
    Watching you excel at sports all these years has been a treat. Being such a good friend of Sam’s since forever has been great for the Stewart family. Good luck!
  • Jenna Blackwell
    Holden, Congratulations! I have enjoyed watching you play basketball with Bryce and Bodie. Enjoy your time in Statesboro! Mr. Blackwell and I are fellow Eagles! Good luck! -Mrs. Blackwell
  • Erin Sinclair
    Holden, I couldn’t be more proud of the young man and leader you have become. You have a kind heart and a strong moral compass. You are athletic, smart and a gentle soul. You are the total package! I can’t wait to see what your future holds. I am sure it will be filled with many blessings. I wish you the best of luck in college. I know you will do great things in this world!
  • Patty Still
    Holden, I am completely baffled how that you are graduating from High School! It seems like just a few years ago you were graduating from Kindergarten and then elementary school! We are so proud of the incredible gentleman you have grown into! I know God has amazing plans for you in your very bright future. You are a joy! We love you so much! Mom, Ron, Harrison, Ava and Banks
  • Scot Stewart
    I’m so proud of you! Best of luck at Georgia Southern. You always have been and always will be one of my all time favorites! Don’t ever change!
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