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John Carter Cooper

What grade did you enter Lakeview? 6th

Offices, clubs, honor societies in which you were a member in the Upper School:
  • National Art Honors Society
  • Tri M Music Honors Society
  • FCA
Sports and athletic recognition while in high school:
  • Varsity cross country four years and competed in the State Meet freshman year,
  • Varsity soccer three years,
  • Varsity shooting team four years and participated in the State Tournament senior year.
Fine arts programs and recognition received while in Upper School:
Violin with Mrs. Suen. I Received the Gold Cup and 3 years of Superior Ratings from the National Federation of Music Clubs for Violin during my high school years.

How has Lakeview prepared you for your future?
Lakeview has prepared me for the future by providing me with a great education and the opportunity to make myself the best I can be.

Teacher, coach or staff member at Lakeview who has made the biggest impact on you:
Coach Chittaro has made the biggest impact on my academic and athletic career at Lakeview because he has always motivated me and encouraged me to do better. He has been a great role model to me, and we have many great memories together that I will never forget.

Mrs. McElwee has also made a big impact on my academic career at Lakeview because she was one of the best teacher I’ve ever had. She was always willing to stay after class and help me if I didn’t completely understand something and she made class enjoyable. She also helped keep me focused and in line throughout my four years at Lakeview.

What will you miss most at Lakeview Academy?
I will miss all the great friendships and memories that I have made during my time at Lakeview especially this past year. I will miss the entire Lakeview community because there is not another like it.

Did you participate in anything outside of Lakeview?
I am an Eagle Scout with Troop 26. Scouting has given me the opportunity to make many great friends and memories. Achieving the rank of Eagle has taught me about perseverance and discipline.

I have also participated and served on the leadership Council of my church Youth group, served as a member of my church choir, as well as a member of First Baptist Church’s Exaltation Adult Orchestra. Staying active in my church has helped to grow and anchor my faith in Christ.

College you will attend in the fall: I will be attending Georgia Southern University

College degree or area of study: Poultry Science and Agricultural Business.

Other than college, do you have any other plans after high school?
I would love to have my own outfitter one day and have people from all over travel to hunt and fish with me.

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  • Elizabeth Reisman
    John Carter! Congratulations and best wishes! You are very talented and kind. We know you will do great things! The Reismans
  • Audrey Thornton
    JC, I can't believe you guys are already grown! That went by way too quickly. I have so many fond memories of you all during those cub scout and boy scout days. I'm proud of who you have become and can't wait to see what Southern holds for you. Love you!
  • Kay Law
    Congratulations John Carter! I am so proud of your accomplishments but most importantly the young man you have grown into! Best wishes at GA Southern! Kay Law
  • Herb&Julie Congdon
    Well, John Carter, you did it! On behalf of both of us, and your late “Big Daddy”, congratulations! We are all proud of you and your accomplishments at school and at church. You’ve built an excellent foundation for a bright future. Best wishes for a great summer and a rewarding and valuable university experience in the years ahead!
  • Tyler Smith
    Every time I see you John Carter you say hello to me by name, look me in the eye, and shake my hand. Your genuine nature, strengths, and potential will carry you far! Tyler Smith
  • Kristi Baer
    Congratulations, John Carter! Wishing you only the best as you start the next phase of life's journey.
  • Elizabeth Swett
    John Carter, I cant believe you’re graduating! It’s been such a joy to watch you grow up and become who you are now, and I can’t wait to see the plans God has for you because I know they are great. You are so hardworking and have such a big heart for others. Take advantage of all the great opportunities college has to offer. I am so proud of you and everything you have accomplished for far! Love you, Elizabeth
  • Kate Sandlin
    Congratulations! I am so proud of what you have accomplished and what you will accomplish. You are going to do great things in life. Keep working hard, be smart, and stay safe. -Kate
  • Leigh Cumiskey
    Congratulations on your accomplishments...you are an amazing young man with so many talents...good luck at GSU..Go Eagles!
  • MaryAnn Sutherland
    It was wonderful working with you as you accompanied the choir on the violin!You play so beautifully! Many blessings in all your adventures in the years to come! God bless!
  • Ruth Demby
    You have enriched the life of our church, of your school, your community here and elsewhere. So proud of who you are and know that God will continue to guide and use you in ways you can't imagine. Blessings! Ruth and Richard
    So proud of you John Carter I can't believe you're off to college - where did time go! I know you are going to great at Southern and truly shine! Love Mrs. Williams
  • Gretchen Plummer
    Congratulations John Carter! It's been a pleasure to know you - best of luck in the future!
  • Elisabeth Waller
    Congratulations on all of your many accomplishments. I can’t believe how fast you guys in this class got here. All the best to you!
  • Ashley Collins
    You have never failed to make me smile or laugh over these past few years. I have enjoyed having you as a student, even when you were a wild 8th grade boy:) You have a bright future ahead! Best of luck!
  • Wyoma Newman
    John Carter! Congratulations and best of luck at Ga. Southern! Your talents,intelligence, and personality will carry you far! I am looking forward to continue hearing you play violin at FBC!
  • Nathan Wallace
    Sup John Carter! I enjoyed being your teacher and your middle school cross country coach. You've always been a respectful and friendly student for me and I wish you all the best as you continue to grow. Make smart decisions and work hard.
  • Lisa Wilkins
    John Carter, So proud of all your accomplishments! Can't wait to hear about all your adventures from your mom! Congratulations and best of luck at Georgia Southern! Your new journey will lead the way to a new and wonderful life! Mrs. Wilkins
  • Angie Cooper
    John Carter, We are so proud of the young man you have become. May you always dare to live your dreams and do great things! Put all your trust in God. We know He has great plans for you. Well Done, son! We love you! Mom, Dad, & Luke.
  • Kimi DeBlock Mihok
    When you had your act together, but everything fell through anyway, and you just kept going until You Got The Job Done... That Was Leadership!!! Doing Right & Persevering Work Well Together!! Mrs. Kimi/ Life-to-Eagle Coach/ BSA Troop 26
  • Amy Park
    All the way from Pre-K to now- It has been fun watching you grow up. Congratulations!
  • Jenna Blackwell
    Congratulations John Carter! I have enjoyed watching you play soccer with Bodie. Mr. Blackwell and I are also GSU Eagles. You will love Statesboro! Good luck! -Mrs. Blackwell
  • Brenda Thompson
    You have the most compassionate, kind, and loving heart. You are hardworking and dedicated. When you find something you believe in, nothing can stop you. Watching you learn to believe in yourself the past 5 years has been a gift from God. You are truly one of God's great creations and you can change the world by your love and determination. I can't wait to see what you will do with God leading you in this next chapter of your great adventure. I can't believe you are leaving me and the FBC Youth.. BUT you should know we are always here for you. Love you. Brenda
  • Cristina Leek
    John Carter- It has been an honor to be a small part of your life so far. I feel so blessed to have been able to teach you in second grade and then again in fifth. But it has been the greatest blessing to watch you grown into the fine young man that you are today! Congratulations on all that you have already accomplished! I wish you happiness and success in everything that you do!! -Mrs. Leek
  • Darrell White
    I knew when I met you that you were a special person. Not many guys your age stay involved in their spiritual life throughout high school. Don’t neglect your spiritual life in college either. Stay connected. My words of wisdom is that life is about trade offs. Take care my friend.
  • Beth Davidson
    Congratulations!! My words of wisdom come from former First Lady Barbara Bush. “When all the dust is settled and all the crowds are gone, the things that matter are faith, family and friends.” I’m very proud of you!!
  • Alice White
    When I think of you the word “friendly” comes to mind. No matter your path it is a trait that will enrich your life greatly. Never underestimate the power of a smile, a handshake, a hello, or a hug! I know you have Christ in your heart, a great family, manners, a good mind, lots of skills and talent and will therefore carve out a wonderful life! I wish you an amazing college experience and afterward all of God’s richest blessings. At this particular time in your life remember Jeremiah 29:11 Congratulations and much love! Alice White
  • Phil Dennis
    These things have I spoken into you that ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. John 16:33 In any struggle, true bravery lies within those who know that God is their ally. Tolstoy wrote a book that he considered his greatest achievement: A Calendar of Wisdom. These are just two selections from April 26. You will notice that the first is from the Gospel of John. There are many other verses of encouragement I could add, but to know that Christ has overcome is the basis for hope in all things. That knowledge should sustain you through the trials that beset you. God has a plan for you! He us with you each step of the way. Peace and joy be yours as you discover His destiny for you.
  • Allen Jernigan
    It’s been an honor watching you grow into such an amazing young man. I always enjoy going on trips with you and getting to spend time with you. I wish you the best as you graduate.
  • Janet Scales
    There is an old saying “The best laid plans of mice and men aren’t I believe that we are to work and plan for every good and memorable event. However, life has a way of throwing curve balls. I am finding that every curse has it’s blessing and every blessing has its curse, I can only imagine your heartfelt disappointment for missing all the planned graduation events! Bummer!! Perhaps our strength comes from accepting what we cannot change while still being able to plan ahead. My favorite old saying is “While traveling down life’s highway whatever be your goal, keep your eye upon the doughnut and not upon the hole.” So many words to say I’m sorry your graduation plans got trashed, but I’m so proud of your success in moving into college. Looking forward to your future successes. Love to you, Janet
  • Liz Moore
    Stay true to yourself, make good choices, and put all your trust in God. The best is yet to come. We love you and are so proud of you! Liz, Smith, and Polly
  • Wendy Salle
    Congratulations... proud of you. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you next. Lee and Wendy
  • Connie Congdon
    There are few times in life when you’ll put as much work into a single accomplishment as you did the last 4 years. Wherever the road leads and whatever you do, never stop learning, exploring, growing and challenging yourself to be your best! Bravo! Well done! You have finished well. Be proud of yourself !! With Love and Pride today and Always, Nana & BD
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