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Carter McCamy

Grade entered Lakeview? 6th grade

Honors or awards received while at Lakeview:
Head of School List

Sports played at Lakeview in high school
  • Basketball (Senior year)
  • Captain
  • Golf (Senior Year)
Describe a meaningful experience you had while at Lakeview.
When Baker, Kaleb and Coach Cooper talked me into playing golf. Although I was hesitant to play it has now turned into my favorite hobby.

Teacher, coach or staff member at Lakeview who has made the biggest impact on you:
Coach Cottrell and Coach Lawley. They both always pushed me to be the hardest worker on and off the court. Their constant encouragement helped get me to where I am today. I also know that when I need someone to talk about with life in general, they are always there for me.

What will you miss most at Lakeview Academy?
The feeling of family. I think it is very unique that leaving high school I knew every single person in the whole upper school. Not many people can say their high school was that closely knit.

Did you participate in anything outside of Lakeview?
Outside of school I worked multiple jobs, was a Boy Scout, and was involved with my church youth group. My jobs and scouts both taught me how to work hard and helped me mature.

College you will attend in the fall: Auburn University

College degree or area of study: Business

Other than college, do you have any other plans after high school?
I want to work for Auburn basketball and play intramural golf, baseball, and basketball.

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  • Jane McCamy
    Carter, we are terribly pleased for you and know you'll shine at Auburn just as you did at Lakeview. Love from Aunt Jane and Uncle Johnny
  • Judy McCamy
    Carter, We are so proud of you and so excited that you are going to Auburn and carrying on the family tradition. We love your heart and your perseverance and are so proud to call you our grandson. We can’t wait to see what your future has in store for you
  • Deuce Roark
    Proud of you. Love our college football talks. Wish you all the best. Coach Roark
  • Rene Last Name
    Congrats, Carter! Wishing you the best always!
  • Gretchen Plummer
    Congratulations Carter! Good luck at Auburn!
  • wyoma newman
    Carter- What a wonderful experience to see you grow into the fine, mature young man you are as a senior! Congratulations to you and best wishes to you at Auburn!
  • Angie Cooper
    Congratulations Carter! It has been an honor to know you and to watch you grow into the fine young man you are today. We are proud of you and look forward to seeing what's in store for you next. We wish you much happiness and success at Auburn!
  • Robin Baker
    Carter ~ It has been a pleasure watching you grow into a fine young man. I appreciate what a good friend you have been to Andrew. So proud that you are going to Auburn. I know you’ll have a great time. Congratulations! War Eagle!
  • Jenna Blackwell
    Carter, congratulations! You have been a great friend to Bodie. I wish you much success in the future! -Mrs. Blackwell
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