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Emma Kate Park

Grade entered Lakeview? 6th Grade

Offices, clubs, honor societies in which you were a member in the Upper School:
  • FCA
  • Tri-M
  • Thespian Honors Society
Sports played at Lakeview in high school:
Cheerleading four years and was cheer captain for both football and basketball senior year

Fne arts programs you participated in and recognition received in high school:
  • Performed in nine Manestage Productions from 8th grade-12th grade.
    • I was a speed-tapper in Thoroughly Modern Millie
    • a Little Lamb in Big Fish
    • Ensemble in 13 the musical
    • Ensemble in 9 to 5,
    • Ensemble in All Shook Up
    • Ensemble in Mamma Mia
    • Mama Cane in Bright Star
    • JoJo in NEWSIES
    • I intended to be Mindy Sue in Footloose.
  • I have four 1st Place region titles and two state champion titles.
  • I was Dance Captain in 11th and 12th grade
  • Thespian Troupe Historian my junior year
  • Thespian Troupe President senior year
  • Member of Tri-M music Honor Society for three years
  • I have also been a member of the Upper School chorale for all four years of high school.
Other programs:
Yearbook 10-12th grade- Junior and Senior Editor

Describe a meaningful experience you had while at Lakeview.
I think something meaningful that Lakeview has provided in my life is the close-knit family-like atmosphere that has allowed me to create friendships with people as young as Kindergarten. I loved walking from the high school to the WAC everyday because all the littles kids who were playing at recess would come up to the gate and say “hi emmakate!” small things like that were so meaningful throughout the school year.

How has Lakeview prepared you for your future?
One thousand percent I agree that Lakeview has prepared me for the future. I think academically Mrs. Marcero has made the entire class of 2020 ready for college and all the teachers have prepped us for classes in college. It has made the college planning and accepting process so much easier.

What is your biggest academic accomplishment and why?
I think probably completing the yearbook, considering all the other outside commitments I had at the same time. We, as a group, finally finished the book and it is something I will forever be proud of.

Teacher, coach or staff member at Lakeview who has made the biggest impact on you:
Coach Gruhn, Coach Simpson, Mrs. Chittaro, and Mrs. Marcero have made the biggest impact on me as a person because they have always shown me what matters most and kept my pathway lighted bright with all the upcoming possibilities of my future. They also pushed me to do my best in every aspect of a student, not just academically but as a genuinely good person.

What will you miss most at Lakeview Academy? I will definitely miss the people and small family-like atmosphere that Lakeview provides us.

Did you participate in anything outside of Lakeview?
I did Work Crew for Younglife in the summer, I was a server for Southwind’s camp for Capernaum and WyldLife kids. This was such a rewarding experience because it taught me how to put the Lord and others before myself.

Belle Candidate Junior League of Hall/Gainesville for 2018-2019 school year (50 plus service hours). I loved doing this because it opened my eyes to a bunch of organizations and charities in Gainesville that I did not even know existed. This allowed me to learn and give to these organizations all at once.

Younglife has also been probably the biggest and most life changing thing I have done in high school because it has established new friendships, kept my old friendships fresh, and taught me the most important life lessons. It made a difference in my life because it has shown me the desire of working with kids with special needs I did not even know I had.

College you will attend in the fall: Georgia Southern University

College degree or area of study: Exercise Science

Other than college, do you have any other plans after high school?
I would like to go on a several mission trips, be a YoungLife Leader in Statesboro, hopefully travel abroad and study in Spain, and eventually start working as a pediatric physical therapist.

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  • Martina Henderson
    Emma Kat...Take that infectious smile and personality with you and you will accomplish so much. So many great memories with you and your family in the Keys.
  • Roula Abboud
    My Sweet Emma Kate!!! I am going to miss you so much!!! It has been a PLEASURE watching you on stage; beauty, talent, and dedication... I loved working with you on costumes and listening to you mimic my accent while getting ready backstage [emoji] Have fun this summer!! Good luck for your first year of College!! [emoji]
  • Holly Ann Pratt
    Emma Kate! My beautiful, bright shining STAR! Congratulations on graduation and much luck to you for what lies ahead!
  • Gretchen Plummer
    Emma Kate! I can't believe you're graduating! I'm going to miss you so much - I wish we had had more time together. You're going to do great at Georgia Southern!
  • Matthew Gruhn
    What a neat young lady you are. Definitely a difference maker! Wish you the best Coach Gruhn
  • wyoma newman
    Emma Kate- What a pleasure to see your smile and to experience your enthusiasm and positive attitude over the years at LA! You will be missed but hope you will stay in touch! Congratulations on your graduation and best of luck at Ga. Southern!
  • Lisa Wilkins
    Congratulations Emma Kate! I have loved watching you perform in all the different stage shows! Good luck at Georgia Southern! - Mrs. Wilkins
  • Angie Cooper
    Emma Kate, Congratualtions on all that you have already accomplished. It has been a pleasure watching you grow into the young lady you are today. You have such a kind spirit that will always enrich your life. We wish you much happiness and success at Georgia Southern. We know you will Soar!
  • Lisa Hamby
    My other daughter:: so proud of you. Can’t wait to watch all you accomplish in the future. Ga Southern is lucky to have you.
  • Amy and Sterling Park
    Emma Kate- We are so proud of you! I cannot beleive all you have accomplished at Lakeview. We are sad our baby bird is leaving the nest but excited for you too! Love you so much!
  • Cristina Leek
    Emma Kate- I can't believe that the time has come for you to graduate high school. It has been a true pleasure to watch you grow from such an adorable little kindergartner to a beautiful senior in high school. You know how much you mean to our family! We love you so much! We are so proud of all that you have already accomplished and we look forward to the great things that lie ahead of you! You are truly destined for great things! Congratulations, good luck, and have loads of fun! We love you, Uncle Craig and Aunt Cristina
  • Susie Tillis
    Congratulations on graduation and wishing you all the best in college. I know your fun outgoing personality will shine. I treasure all the fun memories from your times at the lake with us. Hold tight to who you are and keep Jesus first always.
  • Robin Baker
    Emma Kate ~ You are a remarkable young lady. You always have such a positive attitude and outlook and you are kind to everyone. I am excited to see what you accomplish in this life. I am grateful for the relationship you have with Andrew and how kind and patient you are with him. It has been a pleasure getting to know you. I’m so sorry that your senior year has taken such an unusual turn and y’all have had to miss so much. God has big things in store for you and there are brighter days ahead. Congratulations!
  • Jenna Blackwell
    Congratulations Emma Kate! I wish you could have joined me in fifth grade so I could say I had taught ALL the Park girls! I have enjoyed getting to know you through your sisters. They love you so much! The Blackwell family wishes you the best in your future. We know you'll go far! And GO EAGLES! Love from Mrs. Blackwell and the Blackwell boys
  • Liz Robbins
    So proud of you Emma Kate! It was fun watching you bloom into the beautiful young woman you have become. Your best years are ahead of you - enjoy every one of them!!!
  • Shonda Sosebee
    Congratulations Emma Kate!! So proud of all your accomplishments & excited to see the things you’ll do in the future. It’s been a joy to get to know you. Good luck as you start college in the fall and have fun!!!
  • Cathy Cobb
    Congratulations to you, EK! We are so happy for you and know that you will do great things. Have a wonderful summer & we look forward to hearing about all your many successes. The Cobbs
  • Liz Moore
    Congratulations!!! The best is yet to come!!
  • Cindy Adams
    Emma Kate, I could not be more proud of the young woman you have become. Your beauty and genuine joy and smile comes from a depth of a heart and life touched by God. Your love and care for others shines through all you do! I am excited to see all the wonders and adventures God has in store for you. Enjoy it all and know how much you are loved!
  • Amy Anderson
    I am so proud of you Emma Kate! You were a beautiful and smart first grader and have grown into a beautiful and smart young lady. You make the world a better place! I love you bunches!
  • Lydia (Nana Lyd) Park
    I am so very proud of you and ALL you have accomplished! More than that, I am proud of the sweet, caring, loving young lady that you have become. I am so blessed to be able to call you my granddaughter and share in your life. I pray for you always and look forward to seeing the many blessings God has in store for your future. Thank you for being YOU! I love you, Emma Kate Park!!!!
  • Lydia (Nana Lyd) Park
    I am so proud of you and ALL you have done. I’m most proud of who you are. You are the most wonderful, loving, caring, young lady. You are truly special and I feel so lucky and blessed to call you my granddaughter. I pray for you always and look forward to seeing the great blessings God has in store for your bright future. I love you, Emma Kate!
  • Tenna, Molly, Leah Anderson
    Emma Kate. You have grown into such a beautiful young lady. We wish you much happiness and success in the future.
  • Karen Elliott
    Congrats Emma Kate!!!! You did it!!! You will go far in all you do....with that smile on your face and God in your heart!
  • Linda Oliveira
    Congratulations! I remember you as a little baby and now you have grown into a beautiful young woman. I pray that the future brings you great happiness, health, success and love.
  • Gayla Pierce
    I am so proud of the beautiful young lady you have become! I am blessed to have had the privilege of teaching you in elementary school!!! I know you will do great at college. May God bless you!
  • LaVada Scarlett
    Congratulations Emma Kate! You have always been so sweet and kind with the brightest of smiles ?? I can so see you being a pediatric physical therapist! The Scarletts love you!
  • Hart Payne
    We are so proud of you Emma Kate! Enjoy your college years, study hard, but make time for social networking, and have so much fun! Good luck next fall!
  • Angela Ewers
    It has been a true joy to see you become the beautiful and talented young lady you are today! I know God has amazingly great things ahead of you. I’m so sorry your senior year got cut short, but I know you will look back on it and laugh one day. Please know the Ewers family wishes you ALL the best!
  • Brenda Harrington
    Mitch and I are so very proud of you and your accomplishments. We can’t wait to see what your future holds. Congratulations and may God continue to richly bless you. Good luck at Ga Southern.
  • Laura Johnson
    Emma Kate - Congratulations! I know your future is bright!! Thank you so much for always taking the time to say hello and give a little hug to my first graders. It is awesome that they have you and the other seniors to look up to!!
  • Kelly Robinson
    She is an amazing girl with a huge heart. One of my daughters dearest friends. Our whole family adores her
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