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Anna Price

Grade entered Lakeview? 9th Grade

Offices, clubs, honor societies in which you were a member in the Upper School:
Thespian Honor society

Sports played at Lakeview in high school:
  • Varsity swim team 9th, 10th, 12th
  • Varsity football cheer 11th, 12th
  • Varsity basketball cheer 11th, 12th
Fine arts programs in which you participated while in Upper School:
Involved in theater for 4 years
  • 13 the musical: ensemble
  • Big Fish: ensemble
  • 9 to 5: ensemble
  • All Shook Up: ensemble
  • Mamma Mia: Melody
  • Bright Star: Edna
  • Newsies: Henry
  • Footloose: Ariel
Also a part of US Chorale 10th, 11th, 12th

Teacher, coach or staff member at Lakeview who has made the biggest impact on you:
I have a hard time just choosing one teacher so the group of teachers that have made the biggest impact in my life have been the fine arts staff, Mrs. Conrath, Mr. Harris, Mrs. Hoge, Mrs. Plummer and although she is no longer with us Mrs. Skinner. This group of teachers have made me become comfortable in my own skin and made me want to come to school. All their offices are always open to talk when you need, and I know I have a safe space at school with them. Theater has become a big part of my life over the years and I am so thankful for them to have showed it to me and accept me into their family.

What will you miss most at Lakeview Academy?
I thought going into Lakeview I wouldn’t like it because of how small it is, but I’ve truly grown to love it. I am not the most academically strong, so having the small classrooms where it’s easy for me ask my teacher for help, and learning support makes a huge difference. I will miss the little traditions that Lakeview has and the family feel.

College you will attend in the fall: UNG, Oakwood

College degree or area of study: psychology

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  • Martina Henderson
    Anna... I am so proud of you! Remember what I told you are few weeks ago. I will never "worry" about you. I know you will take on the world and I can't wait to see where you go in life. Love you.
  • Roula Abboud
    My dear Anna with 2 ns !! I am going to miss your beautiful smile and most of all your sense of humor... I will miss our debates and conversations about costumes [emoji]. It has been my pleasure seeing you perform and working with you on costumes. You are such a beautiful, talented young lady!!! Best of luck on this new phase of your life! Enjoy it!!! Congratulations on your graduation [emoji]
  • Julie Mikels
    Anna, you light up that stage. So sorry we didn't get to see you shine in Footloose, that part was made for you. Congratulations and best of luck!
  • Wyoma Newman
    Anna- What a joy to see you so many LA productions and to get to know you as a person! Congratulations to you and best of luck in your future!
  • Cindy Starke
    Anna!! I will always remember taking you to see Dear Evan Hansen at The Fox, watching you boldly riding The Bird when Jessica and I were scared to, and having that yummy dinner at Cafe Intermezzo! You have always been such a good friend for Jessica, and I appreciate how you came with us to watch her perform at Crimson Moon. If you ever need anything, I'm just a phone call away!! And if you perform in a play - you better let us know!! You light up the stage like no one else!! I love you girl!
  • Amy Park
    I am super proud of you! You are such a fun and incredible person! Congratulations on graduation!
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