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From the School Nurse

There is an incredible amount of information presented by the media and other sources regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Countries across the world are affected, including the United States. School nurses are perfectly positioned to make a difference within the school community by communicating facts and disproving false information about the Novel Coronavirus. We deal with threats of communicable disease on a daily basis and are on the front lines, poised and ready to take action!
Please take a moment to explore the links below...
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I feel one of the most important things we can do at this time is to filter out the misinformation and focus only on what is factual, reliable and current. The absolute best information available to you at this time is on the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center website at coronavirus.jhu.edu.

Please continue to practice physical distancing. The term social distancing is troublesome, as we humans are very social by nature, and especially those of us who have chosen to work in education. We are surrounded by coworkers and students and are accustomed to having and needing those personal interactions. Please reach out, to me, to each other, to your coworkers and to your teachers. Stay in touch. Form support groups/friend groups and check on one another. I am available to you to answer questions and to help you navigate as we continue to learn and process the information we are presented with daily.

Even though school nurses are not with our school communities, you all are with us in spirit, and we will to continue supporting you in times of crisis. Do not hesitate to call, text or email. My personal cell number is (770) 712-1683.
Stay home, stay safe, wash your hands, practice physical distancing, and I look so forward to being with you all again soon.😊

Scarlet Pendarvis, BSN, RN
Lakeview Academy School Nurse

796 Lakeview Drive  Gainesville, GA  30501 • (770) 532-4383
Lakeview Academy is a private, coeducational day school for students in grades K3 through 12, located in Gainesville, GA. 

Lakeview Academy is committed to excellence in the personal growth and academic development of the college-bound student through a partnership of school, family, and community.