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Lakeview Academy Expands Dual Enrollment Program

Lakeview Academy is pleased to announce the expansion of its dual-enrollment program through a partnership with Brenau University. A Brenau adjunct professor will teach college-level English on the Lakeview campus for qualified students beginning in the 2024-2025 school year.  
The adjunct professor is a well-known Lakeview teacher, Marsha McFall, who now teaches part-time at Lakeview and was hired by Brenau based on her level of education and teaching credentials. She will teach Brenau’s English 101 and 102 on the Lakeview campus. 
“We are pleased to expand our dual enrollment program through this partnership with Brenau University,” said John Simpson, Lakeview Head of School. “On-campus teaching represents a significant step forward in the school’s commitment to providing the best educational opportunities for our students.”
Brenau President Dr. David Barnett says the partnership will be beneficial to Brenau and Lakeview.
“Brenau University appreciates this opportunity to partner with Lakeview Academy to provide on-campus, in-person dual enrollment courses,” said Dr. David Barnett, Brenau President. “Lakeview plays an important role in our community’s educational offerings and this partnership, I believe, will prove beneficial to Brenau and Lakeview.”
Kelsey Marcero, Lakeview’s college counselor, says that having a professor on campus for in-person college-level classes is a testament to Lakeview’s commitment to providing individualized academic opportunities for our students.  
“While some students may take an online course through dual enrollment, others prefer in-person class-based learning. “We aim to provide the best learning environment for each student,” said Marcero. 
Lakeview’s college counseling office takes a personalized approach, aiming to guide students and their families in selecting the best college home. 
“We consider each student's aspirations and circumstances, whether they plan to attend a local college or a prestigious university. We also help students understand if college courses through dual enrollment will transfer to their desired college or if they can rely on the college credits they receive through Lakeview’s broad selection of AP classes. Ultimately, our goal is to set up our students for success in college, no matter their path,” said Marcero.
Lakeview students currently enroll in dual enrollment online classes through a variety of institutions. The University of North Georgia and Georgia Southern both offer robust online courses that are likely to transfer. 
Marcero said that acceptance of transfer courses is always a case-by-case basis at each college or university.
“We try to line up each individual student with the right program for them personally. We do typically take advantage of the online options since they offer scheduling flexibility,” said Marcero.
“Our goal at Lakeview is to customize the level of difficulty for each student to find that magical balance where they are simultaneously challenged and successful,” said Marcero.
Lakeview Academy is a private, coeducational day school for students in preschool through 12th grade, located in Gainesville, GA minutes off I-985/Hwy 365.
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