The Goal of Learning Support:

The Goal of Learning Support is to assist students at all grade levels to maintain and develop as a successful and independent learner with positive self-advocacy skills. The Learning Support Program (LSP) is a referral program. Referral is made by a staff member, student or parent for the additional support. Individualized goals and strategies will be developed to assist the student in meeting his/her fullest potential. No grades are assigned. An additional fee per session is charged.

*It is important to note that the program is designed to be a “fluid” program as the students may enter and/or exit the program as they become successful.

The key component to the program is COMMUNICATION between student, parents and teachers.

The cost is $25 per session. Rates for Lower School Learning Support differ from MS/US. The cost is $20/session. To participate in Learning Support, please complete and return the Learning Support Participation Acknowledgement which will be made available via the Lion Portal.

Learning Support Addresses:

Organization, time management, study skills using classroom assignment, learning strategies, and social skill development.

Types of support provided by the LSP:

Student support is provided in the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools -
  • Collaborate with staff members to accommodate student needs in the classroom and/or school activities
  • Focus on instruction regarding academics as outlined in the conference report and/or  educational plan
  • Individualized instruction using strategies with regular classroom assignments
  • Review of assignments and check for student understanding
  • Clarify any new concepts
  • Organization
  • Self-advocacy skills
  • Assist student in planning for daily and long range assignments
  • Check assignment book
  • Work with students who have current psychological testing (within 3 years) and diagnosed learning differences
  • Interpret psychological reports to provide appropriate support
  • May discuss with families the need for psychological testing and/or discussions with family for pediatrician intervention
  • Advise parents on ways to provide assistance at home
  • Coordinate SAT/ACT and other testing accommodations, if needed
  • Communicate with classroom teachers to assist with suggestions as to how the regular curriculum can be differentiated to meet the student’s needs
  • Communicate with the staff related to the progress of the student
  • Communicate with parents with both positive and clear updates of student progress
  • Wilson Reading Program at the Lower School level

Learning Support Team

List of 8 members.

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Lakeview Academy is a private, coeducational day school for students in grades K3 through 12, located in Gainesville, GA. 

Lakeview Academy is committed to excellence in the personal growth and academic development of the college-bound student through a partnership of school, family, and community.